Man and Livestock, a partnership stemmed from rice making


Before the culture of eating beef was popularized during the Meiji era, cows played an indispensable role in farming. The farmers and cows would work together in the rice paddies. After harvest season, the farmer would eat the resulting rice while the cow would eat inawara rice straw. Rice farming tied the farmer and cow together. Even today, as the use of machinery has taken root, you can still find farmers who continue to raise cows beside their rice paddies. These rice paddies feed the farmer and cows alike, serving as the birthplace of a precious bond.


Fairest Conditions for the Finest Cows


The best cows are raised in spaces that smell completely fresh. Weighing about 20-30kg when born, the calves will grow to over 500kg in the span of 30 months. Much of this time is spent inside the kennel. Providing a clean space, clean water, and plenty of open air is the key to raising them well and stress free. To raise a good cow, we focus only on providing the best.


A Change in Feed to Transform Flavor


The flavor of black-haired wagyu beef can vary by many factors, but among many purveyors, the key factor is the cattle’s feed. Our unique blend is comprised of homegrown inawara rice straw, soybeans, brans, cereals and barley, fit to each cow’s needs. This meticulous care for safe, quality feed is a labor of love we continue even today, ensuring that the cows we select are the finest.


Each Delicious and One of a Kind


Just like people, every cow has its own individuality. Even from the same stock, farmer and feed, no two cows will produce the same quality or build. This unique and irreplicable taste is what gives black-haired wagyu its depth, worthwhileness, and as purveyors like us, an unquellable sense of pride. Each taste of black-haired wagyu beef is an encounter, uniquely delicious for you to enjoy.


Expertly Selected for Ultimate Taste


Once fully grown, the cows are brought to local auctions to be rated and priced. Among these, only a few, high quality cows are selected. To do this, an experienced judge or “mekiki”, along with a collaborative effort with the original producer is essential. The highest quality cows are selected as our brand “Hiyama Special Select Beef” and sent to our customers. This selection process is a testament to the pride and trust we hold in our esteemed “mekiki” connoisseurs.


Unlocking Each Order’s Possibilities through Technique


We want every table and scene to experience black-haired wagyu beef that tastes delicious. No matter the request, we will accommodate to you. That’s why each cut is meticulously prepared, from our restaurants or shop until it reaches you. This is made possible by using only the most accurate, expertly-honed techniques. For us, this means a process that preserves freshness while developing the maximum in flavor.


A Relay of Individual Flavor


The original number tagged to each cow at the farm is still used as identification, until processing. This ensures that what the farmer began when carefully raising the cow to what the mekiki judge saw in their selection is only further cultivated. Every cut of meat is prepared to enhance its unique and individual quality. From farm to table, wagyu is like a relay race of good flavor. We take responsibility for our wagyu beef, and we take it to heart.


“Individually Tasted” for a Confidence that’s Assured.


At Hiyama, all of our beef goes through an individual taste test. That’s because we won’t serve a single bite that we haven’t tasted and affirmed ourselves. After each tasting, we journal the flavor notes (fragrance, fat, flavor) against an inhouse standard, and log it in our proprietary “the HIYAMA Ledger” database. Individual tastings transform mere confidence into assurance, allowing us to continue getting better every day.


An Exclusively Expert Way of Tasting


For every section and grade, there’s a perfect cut and thickness to match. Tapping into these minute details will create great changes in the ultimate taste and flavor. Our skilled butchers utilize knives and never food slicers, to ensure we can provide perfectly trimmed cuts and the ultimate taste in wagyu beef.


Ultimate Quality at Best Pricing


Butcher shop “HIYAMA” feature a line up of finely marbled meats. You can trust us to serve the highest grade everyday because each cut is directly market-sourced. By handling the procurement and sales in one single channel, we are able to keep our logistics costs low and pass on the savings to you.


A Taste Experience Sold Direct from Our Hands to Yours


An array of expertly selected and procured wagyu beef awaits you. At each Butcher shop “HIYAMA” you’ll find a steak connoisseur on site to facilitate your purchasing experience. Based on your individual taste, we will help you select and purchase the perfect cut available of the day. When we get to hear what you find delicious, we’re able to use that to bring Hiyama even closer to the happiest of food experiences.


A New Day, a New Way to Party


Ever since our founding, we’ve loved sharing new ways for you to enjoy wagyu beef. For a special day spent together, why not try our roast beef made with black-haired wagyu beef? Packed with the deep umami and bold flavor of steak, here’s a party centerpiece that everyone’s sure to love. With wagyu beef, the possibilities are endless. Join with family and friends and open a door to new flavors today.


A Mouthwatering Gift to Taste and Enjoy


We have many gift sets perfect for showing your appreciation or for a celebration. Hiyama wagyu beef is acclaimed as a treasure among gifts by those who receive it. Open the wooden box and your eyes will meet with a spread of sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, or steak. A beauty to the eyes and mouthwatering display of flavor. Why not make your next gift extra special, with the taste of wagyu beef.


A Supreme Taste that Surpasses Time


Sukiyaki Kappo HIYAMA is located in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi-Ningyocho district. It first opened in an era when beef was not yet widely consumed. Weathered the flame of war, we created a new age of wagyu cuisine along with our patrons. Continuing the tradition and provide the utmost taste of sukiyaki is one of Hiyama’s crowning achievements. We invite you to feast upon beef cooked to perfection before your eyes.


Let your Settings Season your Experience


Wagyu beef tastes delicious when the table, atmosphere, and moment come together thoughtfully. To do this, an exquisite meal is best paired with a space that excites the five senses. At Sukiyaki Kappo HIYAMA, a once Taisho-era historic home, you’ll find 11 uniquely expressed dining areas awaiting you. Steal away in one of our dining rooms for a time spent relaxing outside of your daily routine. Let our staff treat you to an experience of warmth and delight.


Our Tale of Tastes is Set to Continue


Since its founding in 1912, Hiyama has a history alongside wagyu beef by exploring its full potential as a cuisine. “By exploring the possibilities of wagyu, we unlock a new chapter in Japanese cuisine”. We consider it our life’s work to take the helm of our culinary history, and pass it along with the gift of a new chapter, for generations to come.